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Rocky Mountain Roubaix’s reward

April 8, 2012

Paris-Roubaix outdoes Boulder-Roubaix by all accounts from a cycling competition perspective. It’s more than double the length and 104 years older in running time; the cobbles span fewer kilometers than the Colorado counterpart dirt roads but their uneven surface spawns more fear than rural hardpack.

Finish Paris-Roubaix and a bike racer rightly deserve the distinction of uber tough.

However, Boulder-Roubaix offers each rider a free Boulder Beer after the race. Can Paris-Roubaix match that?

Paris-Roubaix Boulder-Roubaix
First run 1896 1992
Distance 257.5 km 120.4 km (Pro men, 1, 2)
Cobbles / dirt 51.5 km 68.6 km
Approx Avg speed 42 km/hr 42 km/hr

Robin Eckmann leads in break near end of lap 1 at 2012 Boulder-Roubaix

Head of the pack chasing break near end lap 1, Boulder-Roubaix

Boulder-Roubaix has crashes too, turn onto feedzone hill

Break heading to feedzone hill on lap 3, Boulder-Roubaix

Frank Pipp checks his lead before the finish at 2012 Boulder-Roubaix

Sprint for second, Sean Sullivan & Robin Eckmann (l to r)

2012 Boulder-Roubaix, women's podium, Kasey Clark 2nd, Alison Powers 1st, Anne Samplonius 3rd

2012 Boulder-Roubaix men's podium Robin Eckmann 2nd, Frank Pipp 1st, Sean Sullivan 3rd

Frank Pipp, Isabelle, and Stephanie Pipp after 2012 Boulder-Roubaix

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  1. Sounds like the next best thing if you can’t make it overseas to see Paris-Roubaix. Might have to put this on my bucket list! 🙂

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