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USA Pro Challenge 2012 Stage 6 is the rage

April 7, 2012

Tom Danielson started talking about it in December. Chris Baldwin did too; after the presentation of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge host cities in December, he tweeted: “Whispers of a flagstaff finish making my legs hurt already.”

Shawn Hunter thinks it will draw the biggest crowds in cycling history. “It” is stage 6 of the 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge, 103 miles from Golden to Boulder on August 25th, and so far it seems to be the most talked about stage of the entire race.

This week the race arranged tweet-chats with three pro-cyclists who participated in the event last year: Chris Baldwin, Jason McCartney, and Lucas Euser. Rory Sutherland joined the conversation with Lucas Euser and all but challenged him to a duel on Flagstaff.

In a video about the stage, Bob Roll said, “I expect things to be fairly well together as the riders approach Boulder, the town, after that second to last climb, but once we get to the slopes of Flagstaff, it’s going to absolutely blow to smithereens.”

Jason McCartney (r) with Andy Schleck, 2009 Amgen Tour of California (photo by Adam Endicott, adamend, Flickr)

Given the battle that’s bound to get fired up by Boulderites cheering for their favorite local boys, the Boulder Local Organizing Committee might want to think about offering a prize to the best placed Boulder resident pro-cyclist on the stage.

Here’s a selection of Q & A from the @USAProChallenge tweet-chats over the last few days:

Q to Chris Baldwin: Do you think Boulder based riders will work that much harder in Stage 6? Added motivation?

A:  Mr Siff, these guys work to their limits every race, but a home town crowd will bring the best out I’m sure! Thanks to you!

Q to Lucas Euser: which stage has your name written on it?

A: Stage 6 Golden-Boulder for sure! Lee Hill and Flagstaff will be a sweet combo.

Rory Sutherland to Lucas Euser: who will win our battle up Flagstaff? It’s on Euser!

A: Oh snap!! It’s on Rory. No doubt we will be the underdogs, but @TeamSpidertech and @UHCProcycling will for sure throw down.

Chris Baldwin casual, December 2011

Q to Chris Baldwin: what is your favorite stage of the 2012 #USAProRoute?

A: last year, the golden to denver stage, but I’m looking forward to the golden to boulder leg.

Q to Chris Baldwin: Of all the climbs in the 2012 #USAProRoute, which do you think will break up the field the most?

Q:  for sure flagstaff, but I don’t expect large gaps between top riders. Should be tense until denver!

Lucas Euser and Connie Carpenter-Phinney

Q to Lucas Euser: As a Boulder resident, what are you looking forward to in the Golden to Boulder stage?

A: Adoring fans in Golden, iconic cycling haven of Boulder, Lee Hill/Flagstaff combo. Stage 6 is why cycling exists.

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