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Select the Pro-cycling Scruff-A-List

November 26, 2011

[12/8/11 update: the poll is now closed. Thank you everyone for your votes. Keep in touch to discover which pro-cyclists’ scruff merits placement on the ProVéloPassion Scruff-A-List.]

Now that you’ve read What’s Up with Race Day Scruff?vote for your favorite pro-cyclist scruffy look. You may vote for up to three candidates, including a write-in for those not shown. The poll is open until and including December 7th and the top five will be posted after voting closes.

Scruff-A-List Candidates

George Hincapie (Zoe-Rochelle photo)

(Zoe-Rochelle, Flickr)


Laurens ten Dam in Golden (Bob Pearce, City of Golden photo)


Tom Boonen (cxfan photo)

Jack Bauer (Joolze Dymond photo)

(                      (


Bernie Eisel (Joozle Dymond photo)



Jens Voigt (Melissa German photo)


Thor Hushovd (Joozle Dymond photo)

Fabian Cancellara (Laurie Beylier photo)

(Laurie Beylier, Flickr)                              (


Lucas Euser (Mary Topping photo)


Daniel Schneider (Daniel Schneider photo)

Tyler Farrar (Laurie Beylier photo)

(Laurie Beylier, Flickr)

(Dan Schneider is an elite cyclist with Team Type 1)


Denis Menchov (via

( “Menchov Ready for Giro d’Italia)


Erik Slack (D'Andrea Worrall photo)

Vincenzo Nibali (Fan club photo)

Fan Club Nibali



[Many thanks to everyone who provided permission for photos for this story, and those who allow photo-sharing via Flickr.]

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  1. Heidi Moser permalink

    How fun! Thanks, Mary!

  2. Love it! I voted.

  3. Bernie to lead Cav out again I feel 😉

  4. Judy permalink

    How can Cavendish be aerodynamic with that much growth!

  5. Sansenmag permalink

    2012 is the year of Jack Bauer!

  6. It may be these guys look good even though they are scruffy! Don’t like scruffy, but gottah like these guys! Bernie, George and Jens.

  7. andyk permalink

    Laurens looks cool even when he crashes

  8. Manuel guzman permalink

    George hincapie the best partner !

  9. Sue permalink


  10. Josh permalink

    Erik Slack shaves?

  11. All look better clean shaven; however all look great regardless. Bernie Eisel is most handsome

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