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Giving Thanks, the Tommy D. Way

November 24, 2011

Coloradoans gave thanks for many things today: a turkey dinner, the family together, a new job after a long period of unemployment.

And some gifted their time so kids could ride bikes on Thanksgiving morning with their super-hero, Tom Danielson, pro-cyclist on Team Garmin-Cervélo. Tom led his first Thanksgiving Ride for Juniors today.

Official tee-shirt for junior riders

While others prepared cranberry sauce and rolls this week, Tom and his family and folks at DBC Events, the American Cycling Association, and Pro-Active Chiropractic rustled up tee-shirts, route maps, snacks, give-aways, goodie-bags, and more for about one hundred-thirty kids who registered for the ride which left from Tom’s home.

Hand-up on Tommy D's Strider course (Mary Topping)

Tom built a Strider course just beyond his front door so even the littlest ones could take part on these “pre-bikes” without pedals. Mechanics from The Service Course stood ready with a full tool-set.

The Service Course mechanics at Tommy D's Thanksgiving Ride for Juniors

“We have a lot to be thankful for, here in Colorado,” Tom said over a megaphone, as parents gently coaxed the swarm of little and medium-sized eager bodies on bikes into an organized line-up with the youngest in the front. “Thanks for coming out.”

Marshalls in argyle help lead juniors

Before they set off, Tom said he’d stick around after the ride for as long as anyone wanted an autograph or photo. Then he announced it was a no-drop ride, and asked the kids not to drop him because he’d only just started training.

There’s no need for Tom to worry. Not a single person who attended today would ever drop him, not after this Thanksgiving.

Leaders of the pack, Tommy D's Thanksgiving Ride for Juniors (Mary Topping)

Tom and Stevie Danielson before Thanksgiving Ride for Juniors (Mary Topping)

Onto the road, Tommy D's Thanksgiving Ride for Juniors

Head of the peloton with Commissar's car out front, Tommy D's Thanksgiving Ride for Juniors

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