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Jeremy Powers on Team Rapha FOCUS: One Hot-Cross-Man

October 8, 2011

Jeremy Powers on Team Rapha FOCUS pulverized some mud while previewing the Exergy US Gran Prix of Cyclocross New Belgium Cup course in Fort Collins, Colorado on October 8th, 2011. He joined ProVéloPassion after this cold and rainy warm-up, under the team’s tent.

Enjoy Jeremy’s comments on: the course, why he will continue to ride cyclocross and on the road, how to get a shout-out on Behind the Barriers, and more. Thank you, Jeremy.

Why are you a JPOW fan?

Jeremy recently won on Day 2 at the Gran Prix of Gloucester. He currently leads the elite men’s category of the New England Pro Cyclocross Series. Before the start of the New Belgium Cup, he ranked 6th in the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross.

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