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Top 10 Things Tweeps Teach

October 7, 2011

{updated, 10/7/2011 8:50 p.m.}

Today I realized I owe a lot to everyone I’ve met through Twitter. So I’d like to say thanks by sharing why I love my tweeps and what I’ve learned from them.

10.  Get out there – there’s a beautiful world outside. Thank you for mentioning or posting photos of your bike rides, the flowers you found on hikes, and the creeks you’ve crossed: @lindaguerrette, @erikslack.

9.    Be authentic — it’s easy to hide. I appreciate tweeps who tell it like it is and thereby encourage honesty: @kalenski, @cyclehermit (I think especially of grey-blue eyes and duck-tails).

8.    Spread cheer — some days it’s hard to face the world. My tweeps make me laugh out loud just when I need it most: @GregIenco (he also helps me practice French).

7.    Be creative — it’s refreshing to read simple emotion expressed in many different ways. I especially like how @Melissagerman accomplishes this with hastags such as “#immalovernotafighter.”

6.    Pay it back – give a little, get a little. Tweeps take time to thank others for retweeting them or sharing links to stuff they enjoy reading. The queen is Julie of @taigaCompany. Also, @Debamundo.

5.    Share stuff — there’s a lot of great reading on the internet in blogs and websites, and in just the 140 words of a tweet. Thanks for sharing, Tracie @cyclingdiva, Danny @dnelissen, @JohnH1204.

4.    Do something good — many tweets related to charity rides and good causes scroll down the page every day. They remind me to stay grateful. Recently tweeted by: Steve of @FLiByeRacing.

3.     Make new friends, but keep the old — (yes, I was a Girl Scout). New friends arise all the time on Twitter and are Silver, but old tweeps are Gold. Especially good at tweeting about cycling but also interacting with many on Twitter is Natalie @brassyn.

2.     Be silly — sometimes I get a little too serious. When that happens, @mmmaiko sets me straight. Tweets about Tom Bonnen’s health conditions come to mind. Another good one: “the world will explode into rainbow sprinkles and iridescent paillettes!”

1.     Share your friends — everyone has something to offer. I love it when tweeps tweet with Follow Friday #FF, providing new potential tweep-friends. Thanks, Richard @cyclingart, Roxanne @CycleGirl108.

If your eyes scan this page, thank you for spending time here. Especially @heidimo6, one of my earliest readers.

And to everyone who follows and chats with me on Twitter: thank you for being there. Tweet on. What do you love about your Tweeps or other virtual friends?

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  1. What a cute idea for a blog. I love it!

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