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Fernando Riveros aims for cross-country podium at 2013 Continental MTB Championships

April 7, 2013
Fernando Riveros won the 2012 Rocky Mountain Endurance Series Breckenridge 68 mile race

Fernando Riveros won the 2012 Rocky Mountain Endurance Series Breckenridge 68 mile race

[updated 4/7/2013]

If history is any guide, Fernando Riveros should achieve his goal for the 2013 Continental Mountain Bike Championships.

In each of the past three years he’s climbed to higher placings in the elite cross-country category. Now he wants to improve on last year’s results when he finished sixth. Riveros will ride in the kit of his home country, Colombia. He currently lives and trains in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

His recent Colombian National Shimano Cup win was an emotional victory and best result since winning last year’s Rocky Mountain Endurance Series Breckenridge 68 mile marathon in July.

Riveros began mountain biking when he was 16 years-old while his family lived in Bogota, Colombia. One year later Hector Fernando Riveros Paez became junior Colombian national champion.

Argentina hosts the Continental MTB Championships this year. Over 500 riders from 35 countries/commonwealths in the North, South, and Central Americas will participate in cross-country, downhill, and four cross categories.

The elite cross-country race gets underway Sunday, April 7 with 57 starters. According to information on the 2013 Continental Championships website and EveryTrail, the 2013 circuit runs 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) with 181 meters (594 feet) of elevation gain.

Fernando Riveros checks in

The day before racing in Argentina, Riveros provided his thoughts on the following questions.

Fernando Riveros raced the 2012 Summer Mountain Games in Vail

Fernando Riveros raced the 2012 Summer Mountain Games in Vail

What kind of a performance are you looking to do in the elite race?

I was training for Pan Am games [Continental Championships] like 6 months ago! This is one of my goals for the first trimester of this season. I’m feeling good and I’m looking to be on the podium! Last year I was close to being on it but at the end I got cramps and didn’t get my goal. It’s not impossible and I can do it.

Have you ridden the course? What’s it like?

The course, it’s pretty amazing! It’s a good design and technical! Step climbs and fast descents! Now it’s really dry so we have to be careful in the corners. The course you need to be really focused on it or otherwise you lose places in the race.

Who do you think is the main competition?

All riders I have to put attention to! USA, Argentina, Canada, Brazil and the Colombians too because all these guys are in the World Cups and all the UCI races.

What is it like to be at the Pan Ams [Continental Championships]? Is it different from other races?

For me the Pan Ams are important just because I’m representing my country and personally I want the win because it’s somenthing that I want in my resume!

Continental Mountain Bike Championships, historical elite cross-country results

Top 3 elite cross-country 2012
1 Todd Wells (USA)
2 Catriel Andres Soto (Argentina)
3 Rubens Valeriano (Brazil)
6 Fernando Riveros (Colombia)


Top 3 elite cross-country 2011
1 Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Colombia)
2 Jeremiah Bishop (USA)
3 Todd Wells (USA)
12 Fernando Riveros (Colombia)


Top 3 elite cross-country 2010
1 Todd Wells (USA)
2 Rubens Valeriano (Brazil)
3 Max Plaxton (Canada)
22 Fernando Riveros (Colombia)
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