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Stevenson aces third ‘cross race in a row

November 25, 2012

Russell Stevenson first at 2012 Big Ring Cycles CX in Parker, CO

The way Russell Stevenson described it, the scramble to win the holeshot on Saturday at the Big Ring Cycles CX race in Parker at first sounded atypical. He was, in his words, “going really slow” as he led the men’s open group around the first turn.

After the race he explained why while describing the conditions in the start area: “You just don’t want to be going really too fast, too crazy in this loose gravelly stuff, because someone is going to hit the deck.” And he didn’t want to go down either.

The Boulder Cycle Sport rider would, however, eventually take down the entire field by beating them all to the finish line after 56 minutes on a 3.3 kilometer course with more curves than a slinky.

Spencer Powlison, Russell Stevenson, and Ken Benesh (front to back)

Stevenson, Spencer Powlison (Evol Elite Racing p/b Pharmaca), and Ken Benesh of Feedback Sports rode together at the front of the race with each taking a turn — though it appeared Powlison did the most work, until Stevenson pulled away with two laps to go.

Behind the three leaders Chris Case (Feedback Sports) and junior rider Gage Hecht (International Christian Cycling Club) battled for fourth, a contest Case won.

Chris Case chases Gage Hecht

Saturday’s effort yielded a third straight victory for Stevenson after two wins the weekend prior. But that’s not the most races he’s ever aced consecutively.

“I had an undefeated season in Washington one year; I think it was 12 straight,” he said on Saturday. He was 30 years-old at the time. Stevenson’s current racing age is 36. He’s from Washington and now lives in Boulder.

It looks like that winning streak will remain a record, at least for this season. “There’s not even that many [races] left,” Stevenson said. “I’m just having some good form, that’s all. When you’ve got it, you have to use it.”

Big Ring Cycles CX, Parker, top ten men’s open race

1 56:03.8 Russell Stevenson, Boulder Cycle Sport
2 56:16.9 Spencer Powlison, Evol Elite Racing p/b Pharmaca
3 56:18.6 Ken Benesh, Feedback Sports
4 56:57.6 Chris Case, Feedback Sports
5 57:20.1 Gage Hecht, International Christian Cycling Club
6 57:38.0 Michael Robson, Moots
7 57:54.1 Chris Brandt, Honey Stinger
8 58:13.1 Ward Baker, Team Kappius
9 58:26.1 Brandon Dwight, Boulder Cycle Sport
10 58:30.3 Grant Holicky, Evol Elite Racing p/b Pharmaca



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