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Yannick Eckmann wins 2012 Schoolyard Cross on the Prairie

November 4, 2012

5th Chris Baddick, 2nd Russell Stevenson, 1st Yannick Eckmann, 3rd Spenser Powlison, 4th Josh Whitney

Yannick Eckmann (California Giant Berry Farms / Specialized) started last in the box at Schoolyard Cross but soon traded places with a field that chased him for nearly all of the one hour race. Junior rider Gage Hecht (International Christian Cycling Club) lined-up for the first time in the front row of a senior men’s open race; he won the holeshot after a longish sprint down a dirt and gravel road.

Fresh off a 14th place in the under-23 competition at the second UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup race in Plzen, Eckmann moved up to take the lead with Russell Stevenson (Boulder Cycle Sport). The two rode together at the front with Stevenson fighting to hold Eckmann’s wheel but he slipped out of reach about half way into the race.

Eckmann, Stevenson, and third place finisher Spencer Powlison (Evol Elite Racing p/b Pharmaca) each raced alone in the final laps and into the finish.


Schoolyard Cross Men’s Open Top 10

Yannick Eckmann
2 Russell Stevenson
3 Spencer Powlison
4 Josh Whitney
5 Christopher Baddick
6 Michael Robson
7 Patrick Lemieux
8 Brian Lehman
9 Scott Tietzel
10 Brian Hludzinski


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