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Boulder Cyclocross Series #3: two groups race for podium places

October 22, 2012

Boulder Cx Series #3, Eckmann third, Krughoff second, Summerhill (missing) first

[updated 11/5/12]

Six of the men’s open field of 34 that waited on the damp grass at Interlocken finished almost exactly like they lined up for race number 3 of the 2012 Boulder Cyclocross series.

In the front row at the far left Danny Summerhill (Chipotle-First Solar) and Allen Krughoff (Raleigh Clement) adjusted helmet straps and sunglasses and talked disc brakes. At the far right, Tim Allen and Ken Benesh of Feedback Sports zipped and unzipped their skinsuits which seemed a tad tight at the neck under the afternoon sun. They stood next to Boulder Cycle Sport’s Brandon Dwight. Robin Eckmann (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized), just behind Dwight, clipped into a pedal.

The field sped away from the inflated white starting arch and toward a cement path. After the race, Krughoff recounted that Summerhill took the holeshot, with Spencer Downing (Clif Bar Development Cross Team), Jesse Goodrich (Evol Elite Racing) and then Krughoff on his heels. “I slipped a tire on the wet grass at the start and lost just a little bit but enough to stay out of the holeshot,” Krughoff said. “Props are due to Spencer Downing for getting right in there at the start, I think he’s still a junior.”

Gage Hecht’s co-pilot

USA Cycling reports Downing’s racing age as 17. Gage Hecht and Maxx Chance, 14 and 16 years-old respectively according to USA Cycling, also competed in the men’s open event.

The men who would become the six leaders settled into a rhythm early on. Between laps 2 and 3 Summerhill and Krughoff left the others behind. “…Danny and I went to work and opened up a gap on the rest of the field,” Krughoff said, after the race. “I think I heard some crashing or mistakes happening behind us in the more technical sections and that may have caused the initial split.” The twosome rode the remaining forty-something minutes together, trading places.

Allen Krughoff (Raleigh-Clement) after Boulder CX Series #3

Guy-talk at the front

When two guys ride alone for that long, do they only hear cowbells and the splat of rooster-tail spray on their faces? Krughoff shared what took place.

“Danny and I talked a little bit – at one point he asked if I was ‘ready for a hot lap’ so I think one of the laps we went harder than normal. We mostly laughed at the color commentary that the announcer was providing – comparing our results at state championships in the past, likening Danny’s fitness to a 747 jet engine, and mentioning that I was going to pay the price for being second wheel through corners and needing to accelerate to catch back up to Danny. I’m friends with Danny so it’s great to have someone as talented and friendly as he is to battle against at home.”

The fight for third

Benesh, Allen, Dwight, and Eckmann formed a steady group of four behind Krughoff and Summerhill, but couldn’t pull back the gap to the two off the front. For them the race became a fight for third. Dwight pulled the group with three laps to go. Then Tim Allen took the front. Benesh fell off the pace by the finish line.

Allen Krughoff’s Raleigh bike with Parabox disc brakes

After attacking each other in the final lap, Summerhill pulled away from Krughoff and crossed the line one second ahead to win. One minute and fifteen seconds later Eckmann earned third in a sprint with Dwight; Allen came out of the final corner behind them and finished two seconds back. Benesh arrived twenty seconds later, a minute ahead of the next finisher.

The juniors Downing, Hecht, and Chance placed 11th, 9th, and 27th. Eckmann should keep the series lead with his result at Interlocken; the series total points have not yet been confirmed. Two races remain.


Boulder Cyclocross Series Race 3 Top 10, men’s open race

53:42 Danny Summerhill (Chipotle-First Solar)
2 53:43 Allen Krughoff Raleigh-Clement
3 54:58 Robin Eckmann Cal Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
4 54:58 Brandon Dwight Boulder Cycle Sport
5 55:00 Tim Allen Feedback Sports Racing
6 55:20 Ken Benesh Feedback Sports Racing
7 56:17 Jesse Goodrich Evol Elite Racing p/b Pharmaca
8 56:17 Greg Krause Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
9 56:37 Gage Hecht International Christian Cycling
10 56:44 Matt Lyons Primal Racing – 1st Bank

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