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Oases of motivation at MTB 24 hour national championships

October 4, 2012

Member of the Jiraffas-Okapi team finishes lap one at 24 Hours of COS

[updated 2/14/2013]

Those who race for 24 hours approach the challenge with different intentions. Some ride to win; others, just for fun.

Technical table at solo rider Ian Mullins’ camp

All of them construct a camp at the event near the start / finish area. Typically riders and their support crew set up tents or operate out of an RV with an awning. All of the camps contain the basics: bike stand and tools, spare parts or bikes, and tables laden with food and drinks or clothing a rider grabs between laps to remain fueled as well as warm through the night. Many create a home-away-from home.

Different riders need different forms of motivation to continue when their bodies tell them to stop and they stock their camps accordingly. They might roll out a rug for comfort or string decorative lights to add cheer to the dark.

Storm Wolf crewed for his parents, Kristin (KT) DeSantis and Marc Kriewaldt who rode in separate solo categories

At the 24 Hours of COS, the MTB 24 hour national championships in Palmer Park that took place from September 29 to 30, the Jiraffas-Okapi four person open team wore giraffe-inspired capes; they even dressed Jesus in one. Cameron Chambers, who won the men’s solo category, brought his Pomeranian dog with an Italian name. “Cipo” is named after Mario Cipollini.

Whatever it takes — that’s how an athlete manages the insanity of a 24 hour event.


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