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Blood, sweat, and tape for Junior riders at Vail time trial

September 29, 2012

Nolan Herzog, Josh Schroeder, Gage Hecht, and Zane Worrell (l to r) check their equipment in Vail

[updated 10/16/2012]

He’s fast and at age 14 he’s competing against senior men in cyclocross. So even if Gage Hecht (International Christian Cycling Club) rode as a junior, it didn’t seem impossible when the announcer at Friday evening’s 10 kilometer Tour of Vail time trial said Hecht came in with a time of 13 minutes 8 seconds.

Gage Hecht finishes Tour of Vail time trial

The announcer even marked the Pro/1/2 men’s speed against Hecht’s, at one point saying Hecht would be on the podium. If the 13:8 had been correct and Hecht had competed with the pro men, he would have stolen Greg Krause’s third place by five seconds and had a podium to stand on.

Hecht’s ride actually stopped the clock at 15 minutes 9 seconds. Subtract the time he lost with a wrong turn, and Hecht’s time could have been a podium place in the open men’s category.

Before he started his race, Hecht’s teammate Josh Schroeder discovered his right shoe was damaged and wouldn’t clip into his pedal. Do not start? No way. Schroeder found some tape and a zip tie and fastened his shoe to the pedal.

Josh Schroeder slips his foot into taped shoe before Vail time trial start

Zane Worrell, just eleven, practically screamed with a final effort as he crossed the finish line to earn third place.

Zane Worrell

Nolan Herzog completed his second place effort with blood streaming from his nose.

Nolan Herzog

Andrew Rogers from Vail, possibly the smallest of the five junior competitors, gritted his teeth when he powered away from the start line.

Andrew Rogers

The event concluded with podiums for just the pro men and women. Hecht, Herzog, and Worrell will have to be content with raising their arms skyward in their dreams.


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