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Words of wisdom from Lucas Euser on Over the Top Radio

September 14, 2012

Lucas Euser (center) near the summit on Hoosier Pass, Stage 5 of 2012 USA Pro Challenge

Lucas Euser isn’t just a great bike rider. He’s also an eloquent speaker with a lot to say on the topics of persistence, courage, and faith.

Today he spoke with Over the Top Productions on the BlogTalkRadio platform. The quotes below from Euser’s comments today ought to send anyone to the full archived audio interview as well as spark motivation to conquer anything in the way of his or her heart’s desire.


Until college Euser rode for the fun of flying on two wheels. It wasn’t until his freshman year that he thought about cycling as a career. He tried to immerse himself in the college experience as a freshman. And then he realized he missed the bike.

Sophomore year he got a coach and within a year had found a professional team. But he continued school and earned his degree while working nights in a coffee shop.


Professional cycling is a career, but it’s not a job in the traditional sense of a vocation that receives eight to ten hours of a person’s attention and then gets shelved away until the next day. “Cycling’s not just a job; it’s a lifestyle,” Euser said, adding that it takes 24 – 7 focus and 100% of your energy to succeed.

Lucas Euser (SpiderTech p/b C10) crossed the Stage 3 USA Pro Challenge finish line two seconds behind the stage winner

“If you persevere and get through the hard times you can succeed in this sport,” he said.

Sometimes we all need a push to be the best we can be. For Euser, it was riding in the Boulder training camps with Taylor Phinney and other pro-cyclists this summer with support from Skratch Labs. He realized he hadn’t been working hard enough until then. Now he’s in some of the best riding form he’s ever had.

Lucas Euser fights the machine at the Rollerfest benefit for Boulder Jr. Cycling and the Just Go Harder Foundation

“Don’t let your mind tell you you can’t do anything,” Euser said, “because you can always do more than you think you can.

“There’s always something to fight for, a goal to achieve…or that flame dies.”

That flame’s become a bonfire as Euser looks forward to the 2012 UCI Road World Championships on September 23rd. He’ll be racing for the American team with Phinney, Timmy Duggan, Brent Bookwalter, Matthew Busche, Alex Howes, Tejay van Garderen, Chris Horner, and assuming he’s healthy after his recent concussion, Tyler Farrar.

“We’re going to go and kick some ass because that’s what the U.S.A. does,” Euser said.

Lucas Euser with Connie Carpenter, December 2011

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