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Boswell sails up Snowbird for a special friend

August 11, 2012

Ian Boswell (Bontrager-Livestrong) with his mom, Molly, on Snowbird after Stage 5 at the Tour of Utah

Ian Boswell (Bontrager-Livestrong) received a unique push today up to Snowbird on Stage 5 of the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah.

Two months ago his brother’s childhood friend, Matt Gold, passed away in a sky diving accident. Gold, a good friend to Boswell too, loved the Tour of Utah. Together with Boswell’s mom, Gold’s family spread his ashes today up on the mountain where he lived. Boswell met his mom and Gold’s family just after the finish of the stage.

Boswell sped away from the peloton before the Tanners Flat area of the climb and rode solo until teammate Joe Dombrowski and three other riders caught him. Boswell latched onto that group and continued with them to the finish line, placing fourth on one of the most difficult days of the race. He also leapt up the general classification from 26th to sixth.

“I rode today for him [Gold]. It’s a super special day for me and my family,” Boswell said. “It means a lot to have a friend like that and have someone special to ride for beyond just results and yea, he helped me today.”

Gold passed away at age 33. He was an outdoor adventure man who loved to fly, who according to a friend, had an “insane determination to always succeed.” If he had been on Snowbird today, he’d have been one of Boswell’s greatest supporters, encouraging him to go faster.

Boswell spun his gears fluidly and with ease up the climb, as if Gold’s hand pressed on his back the entire way up Snowbird.

“I’ve cried twice before a race,” Boswell said. “One was Liege-Bastogne-Liege this year when I was going through some troubles and the other was this morning when I watched a video that I posted of him, of his life, and his adventures. It was a special day for me. He was my good friend and a huge supporter of mine.”

Ian Boswell and Joe Dombrowski right after Tour of Utah Stage 5 finish

Ian Boswell, left, with Bontrager-Livestrong teammates

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