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2012 Tour of Utah Overview

July 18, 2012

[updated 8/3/2012]

For 2012 the Tour of Utah has increased total distance from 658 kilometers (409 miles) to 877 kilometers (545 miles) over six days of racing. There’s more climbing too. Elevation gain for 2012 measures 11,404 meters (37,415 feet) of vertical gain versus 9,144 meters (30,000 feet) last year.

A road race replaces the uphill prologue for the first day of racing and a team time trial at Miller Motorsports Park takes the place of an individual time trial at the same location.

These changes could well have an effect on deciding the race’s overall winner.

One similarity to the 2011 edition is the single mountain-top finish at Snowbird Resort with an elevation of approximately 2,545 meters (8,350 feet).

2012 Route at A Glance

  • 545 miles of racing in six days
  • 37,501 vertical feet of climbing
  • 12 XO Communications Sprint lines (bonus points awarded for sprint lines and top 15 stage finishers)
  • 13 Ski Utah King of the Mountain climbs (KOM points awarded to first three riders over a KOM)

Miller Motorsports Park is almost completely flat

Stage lengths and elevation gains

August 7, Stage One, Ogden to Ogden

211 km, 2,724 meters elevation gain

4 KOMs and 3 sprint lines

August 8, Stage Two, Miller Motorsports Park (Tooele) – Team Time Trial

21.75 km, 85 meters elevation gain

August 9, Stage Three p/b University of Utah Health Care,Ogden to Salt Lake City

138 km, 2,174 meters elevation gain

3 KOMs and 2 sprint lines

August 10, Stage Four p/b Adobe/XANGO, Lehi to Salt Lake City

215.6 km, 1,285 meters elevation gain

3 sprint lines

August 11, Stage Five p/b Exergy Development Group, Park City to Snowbird Resort

165 km, 3,048 meters elevation gain (mountain-top finish)

4 KOMs and 3 sprint lines

August 12, Stage Six p/b UnitedHealthcare, Park City to Park City

121.3 km, 2,086 elevation gain

2 KOMs and 1 sprint line

Route at a glance fact sheet includes start and finish times and expected KOM and sprint line arrival times: FactSheet 2012 Route_At_A_Glance

Check out the stage by stage analysis.

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