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Intro to Whiskey 50 MTB

April 29, 2012

This weekend a mountain bike race called the Whiskey 50 got underway in Prescott, Arizona. It’s known as the richest purse in mountain biking for the pro riders, with equal prize money for the men and the women that pays from 1st through 10th places.

Last year’s men’s and women’s results:

  • 1 Chris Sheppard 03:05
  • 2 Colin Cares 03:09
  • 3 Jay Henry 03:11


  • 1 Pua Mata 03:30
  • 2 Catharine Pendrel 03:31
  • 3 Kelli Emmett 03:31

This year Colombian national mountain bike team member Hector Fernando Riveros Paez, who rides for a team called Bandwagon Racing out of Colorado Springs, will race in the Whiskey 50. I should be interviewing Hector Riveros, which is how he registers for races, post Whiskey 50, for Pikes Peak Sports.

Riveros is really good. He recently won Voodoo Fire in Pueblo which is a 66 mile MTB endurance race. So perhaps the interview will include something about how he won the Whiskey 50 this year. Ever optimistic, yes.

Enjoy a taste of Whiskey 50 single track and downtown Prescott in this video prepared by the race.

Also check out interviews and video on Whiskey 50 at CyclingDirt.

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