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Superstitious Boonen? Did he shave between the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix?

April 12, 2012

Connoisseurs of the pro-cycling scruffy face are taking note of Tom Boonen’s spring race look. Earlier this week one Twitter user, Beth, a.k.a. @StuckinOregon, commented on Boonen’s Paris-Roubaix race-face:

“i’d like 2 think he didn’t shave since just B4 Flanders, maybe as superstition. How long do U think that scruff would take?”

It’s hard to say how many day’s growth Tommeke flew into the Roubaix velodrome with, but perhaps we can help Beth decide if he didn’t shave between the Tour of Flanders (April 1) and Paris-Roubaix (April 8th).

Cast your vote based on the two photos below.

Tom Boonen at Tour of Flanders (photo by Cindy Trossaert)

Original photo by Cindy Trossaert on Flickr

Tom Boonen wins 2012 Paris-Roubaix (photo by Roxanne King)

Original photo by Roxanne King on Flickr

Thank you to Cindy Trossaert and Roxanne King for making their photos shareable via Flickr under Creative Commons.

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  1. I voted wrong! I voted yes instead of NO!

  2. I think he shaved on Monday or Tuesday, when he thought he was skipping Scheldeprijs. Definitely no shaving between Wednesday and Sunday, though!

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