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Pro-cyclist Strava fan competition

March 7, 2012

Athletes — amateurs and pros alike, have taken to logging their rides and runs on Strava using a GPS tracking device. Strava users or visitors can view athletes’ activities, including miles ridden and feet climbed for cyclists.

The company says it wants to become more valuable than a training log: “Strava is committed to becoming the premier online club for passionate cyclists and runners. Strava is a quickly growing global community of athletes who share activities with each other, compete on segments of road and trail, and more.”

Ben King at 2011 Tour of Utah (photo by Mary Topping)

A page on Strava lists pro-cyclists who log their ride data and the number of fans who follow them on Strava.

Who among the pro-cyclists can boast the most fans as of March 7, 2012? Is it Tim Johnson with 3,421, or Ben King with 4,252?

While Ben King updates his page regularly with rides and responds to comments left by readers, Ted King takes first place with 4,535 fans.

Dave Zabriskie and Tom Danielson are reportedly Strava advocates, however they don’t appear on the pro list and don’t turn up in the search function.

Other pro-cyclists on Strava include:

  • Jesse Anthony
  • Jamey Driscoll
  • Timmy Duggan
  • Freddie Rodriguez
  • Craig Lewis
  • Evelyn Stevens
  • Jennifer Wheeler

For more about Strava, see:

October, 2011 review of Strava by a cycling blogger

Cycling Tips interview with Strava co-founder and CEO, Michael Horvath. The meaning of Strava is “to strive.”

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