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How to race bikes on snow

February 20, 2012

Racing bikes on snow — it’s a bit nutty, and brings new meaning to slipping and sliding.

View toward Teva Mountain Games village from snow crit start line

On February 11, 2012 the Teva Winter Mountain Games hosted a snow crit race in Vail with cash prizes for mountain bike and snow bike categories. Women and men in both categories touched only snow after they sped off at 5 p.m. in soft but cold post-sunset light.

They circled a 1.0 kilometer loop with 170 feet of elevation gain. The highest male finishers completed nine to ten laps in about 35 to 40 minutes.

2012 Teva Winter Mt. Games, Vail, Snow Crit map

Experience a course-side view of the start, the treacherous downhill, demanding uphill, and finish in this video which features the Team CLIF Bar riders, Brady Kappius and Mitch Hoke.

Race results

Male, MTB: 1. Tim Allen, 2. Greg Krause, 3. Brady Kappius

Female, MTB: 1. Tamara Donelson, 2. Amy Hermes, 3. Cait Boyd

Male, snow bike: 1. Mitch Hoke, 2. Jake Wells, 3. Jay Henry

Female, snow bike: 1. Judy Freeman, 2. Gretchen Reeves, 3. Eszter Horanyi

Brady Kappius & Mitch Hoke (l - r) at snow crit finish, Teva Winter Mt. Games (photo by Mary Topping)

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