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Turning the tables on a bike

February 3, 2012

I just saw the movie Moneyball for the first time. The world needs to turn traditional thinking on its ear more often.

Here’s a great example of that, with text from a news report on the Team Type 1-Sanofi website:

Javier Megias, Team Type 1-Sanofi at 2012 La Marseillaise (photo by Team Type 1-Sanofi)

“In Aix en Provence, Team Type 1-Sanofi rider Javier Megias met with local diabetologists, patients and family members at an evening roundtable discussion entitled ‘Diabetes and Sports: Une Solution pour Chacun,’ which translates as ‘A Solution for Everyone.’

“Megias said, ‘I am not sick, I don’t consider myself to have an illness. I have diabetes, and as a professional cyclist competing at the highest level of the sport at races here in France and around the world, I look at myself as just an athlete with one more thing to manage in my life.'”

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