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Off the Beaten Road — Ted King’s 10 Answers

January 6, 2012

Welcome to part two of Off the Beaten Road with Ted King, pro-cyclist on the Liquigas-Cannondale Pro Cycling Team. Here Ted’s answers to ten mostly quirky questions are revealed.

Ted King, USA Pro Cycling Challenge (photo via D'Andrea Worrall)

In part one, How did Ted King Answer These 10 Questions?, readers chose one of two replies to each of ten questions ProVéloPassion posed to Ted, the reply they thought he had selected. Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out how well readers’ guesses matched Ted’s replies.

But 100% accuracy isn’t the point here. Afterall, it’s hard to know how anyone might have responded when faced with picking one of two answers to some truly goofy questions.

The point was to have some fun with a different type of interview. Ted helped not only by participating in this venture; he also provided comments along with each response so cycling fans can learn something new about one of their favorite pro-cyclists.

Thank you Ted King, and thank you to all the readers who visited to vote on the questions in part one. Enjoy Ted’s responses.

Q2. If I could only choose one person to cook for me (other than myself), it would be: my mom -or- Julia Child

Ted: That’s tough. My mom is an amazing cook and her hearty, homecooked meals every day growing up laid the foundation for my predilection towards the culinary world in my life. But since we’re apparently living in a world of hypotheticals and since I’ve never had Julia Child cook for me, I might give that a whirl.

Q3. I believe Elvis has been reincarnated as Dave Zabriskie with his new sideburns: yes -or- no

Ted: What? No, not a chance. DZ is Wolverine. Not the King.

Q4. When it comes to romance, I am more like: Al Roker -or- James Bond

Ted: Hmm, I need other options. I’d lean towards James among these two choices, but I’m fortunately neither of those.

Q5. It took me this long to get off training wheels: I didn’t need no stinkin’ training wheels -or- too long

 Ted: I was off pretty quickly. Dad taught me well.

Q6. Boulder, CO, is a mecca for pro-cyclists. I’d be a better cyclist if I had been born there: yes -or- no

Ted:  Arguably yes. But I also wouldn’t have grown up playing hockey until I was 18. And I probably would have burned out since the level of competition there is absurd. So the one word answer is yes. The longer response is that New England rocks.

Q7. Given the choice between having 1 or 6 kids, I would choose: 1 -or- 6

Ted:  One. I want a family, not a circus.

Q8. I would rather pedal like: Jacques Anquetil -or- Raymond Poulidor

Ted: My grasp of cycling history is infamously poor. So since I don’t know who this Ray character is, I’ll go with Jack. He was a smooth operator.

Q9. This life goal is more important to me: work for National Public Radio (NPR) -or- work on a lobster boat

Ted: I’ll go all-in and err on working for NPR. [Editor’s note: the question originally read, “This life goal is more important to me: be a guest on public radio -or- work on a lobster boat.” Ted said, “Having already accomplished both of those, I don’t know which I prefer.” Since he’d already been a guest on NPR, we changed the question to read, “work on NPR.”]

Q10.   My favorite Christmas song is: White Christmas -or- Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Ted: I’m all about the classics. White Christmas, no brainer.


Readers’ Thought Ted Would Say…
 Question  % Readers selecting
1.       Deserted island food Fluff – 72% Pumpkin – 28%
2.       Cook for me Mom – 84% Julia Child – 16%
3.       Zabriskie is Elvis? Yes – 75% No – 25%
4.       Romance James B. – 33% Al R. – 67%
5.       Training wheels No need – 79% Too long – 21%
6.       Born in Boulder? No – 86% Yes – 14%
7.       One of six kids Six – 57% One – 43%
8.       Pedal like Anquetil – 64% Poulidor – 36%
9.       Life goal NPR – 59% Lobster – 41%
10. Fav Christmas song Grandma – 58% White C – 42%
(The replies Ted selected are italicized)

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