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UPCC News Round-up, 10/21/11

October 25, 2011

Colorado National Monument (Mary Topping)

With the big economic impact study and press conference now in the past, news on the USA Pro Cycling Challenge (UPCC) will likely remain spartan until the host cities are announced in late November. If you found news in the last week that you don’t see here, please share below.

There is one exciting find. It’s as old as the 2011 UPCC, but who knew that a UPCC fantasy game existed for free? The website owner says folks can expect to play again in 2012. The best team name: “Oreo Abs.” This could present a much better way of handling predictions for 2012.

More news from the economic impact press conference: more TV, one day events in other states 

Shawn Hunter quoted by Westword:

  • “It is highly likely you will see us increase the amount of hours that are televised not only domestically, but internationally, and that’s really being driven by the networks.”
  • “I think the race, our community partners, will all be ahead of the curve when it comes to promoting the event and individual communities and week-long race packages where people can plan their vacations far in advance. So I think the tourism impact will be even greater in 2012.”
  • “We want our race brand to live nationally, but we also want it to live year-round. The race will always be in Colorado, it will always be the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, but you will look to see us do, around the year, one-day events in other places. So you might see a USA Pro Challenge Dallas or a USA Pro Challenge Richmond.”

USA Pro Cycling Challenge, overall podium (Mary Topping)

Why no votes for Tom Danielson?

The results of a poll on the UPCC website are sketchy with just 17 voters responding to the question, “which rider do you want to return to the 2012 race?” Still, can only TDF and UPCC podium finishers garner votes?

  • Cadel Evans: 6%
  • Levi Leipheimer: 35%
  • Andy Schleck: 35%
  • Tom Danielson: 0%
  • Tejay Van Garderen: 12%
  • Christian Vande Velde 12%

Prospective 2012 host cities

  • Delta will not bid for 2012 but is considering a bid for 2013.
  • Grand Junction plans to bid and is weighing routes that include Colorado National Monument (even though the Park Service nixed the idea earlier this year), the Grand Mesa,  Palisade or Gateway. Grand Junction has also set up a 2012 UPCC Facebook page.
  • Fort Collins held a town hall to discuss a possible bid that drew 100 people who voted to bid for a finish. Their main concern: raising the dollars to fund costs. Fort Collins may prefer a stage between August 22nd to the 25th.
  • Golden’s start crowd in 2011 was, many riders confided to Shawn Hunter, the largest they had seen in their careers, even exceeding the Tour de France.
  • Organizers anticipate receiving about 40 bids to host a 2012 stage.

UPCC stage 6, downtown Golden Start at noon after last riders passed through (Mary Topping)

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