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UPCC News Round-up and Facebook Fun, 10/14/11

October 17, 2011

An tiny amount of USA Pro Cycling Challenge (UPCC) news made its way to the public this past week. Visit tomorrow for a report on the October 18th press conference regarding economic impact of the 2011 race and its spectator profile.

Until then, revel in a few interesting pépites (nuggets), including a video of the Lookout Mountain scene during the 2011 stage 6 (complete with pink bunny), and a collection of insightful replies to UPCC Facebook questions.

Host city news

2012 Garmin-Cervélo Gala (Slipstream Sports webpage)

The Boulder-based Garmin-Cervélo 2012 team presentation on November 17th in Boulder will feature a UPCC announcement about one of the selected host cities selected for the 2012 route. It’s easy to conclude that the name of this host city will begin with a “B” and mean “big rock,” but that’s only speculation.

Breckenridge acknowledged on its Facebook page that it will bid.

Signs point to Fort Collins submitting a bid. Bid organizers held a town hall to discuss bid submission. According to a message about the meeting, “Medalist Sports is considering Fort Collins for the honor of hosting future stages of the race.” While earlier intelligence for these updates did not identify Fort Collins as one of the cities invited to bid, it’s possible Fort Collins folks spoke with Medalist or UPCC representatives and received a positive response to their intention to bid for 2012.

Lookout Mountain fan video

UPCC Facebook page questions and answers

Q: Did you attend the US Pro Challenge? If so, tell us about your experience. We’d love to hear if the race impacted your life in some positive way. Post your story on our wall or email us at

Selected comments:

Chad Reich I chased the peloton in Mt. Crested Butte dressed as a pink taco, which may have made Frank Schleck laugh.

Roxanne Meida King I attended the whole week, driving out from Michigan. My photos are over on Flickr: with a separate group for each day. I had a blast!! I got a great feel for Colorado as well as getting to experience world-class bike racing. Each town was unique and the scenery spectacular. I’ll definitely be back next year, budget and time permitting.

Dave Andrews Was lucky enough to work security for Golden during the final stage and had one of the best seats in the house (three times) at 13th and Washington. The unbelieveable WHOOOOOSH of the peleton inches from my nose as they made their way through town to Lookout will remain one of the greatest memories of my life. Way to go, Colorado, and to all involved in the race!

Terra Drobny It was awesome….made me even more excited about the sport and I have been a fan since Marco Pantani ruled Alpe d’Huez

Eric Jocz Went to two stages. Ran beside the riders at top of Monarch Pass dressed as Micheal Jackson. To bad T.V. did not put that part of stage on T.V.

Carla Merritt DeKalb The first stage, the time trial through Colorado Springs was coming right down Colorado Ave dissecting our postal routes in half. What were we to do?!!!? I deliver mail to SRM on my route so the excitement was building in our area! I got across the ave and took my lunch watching these great athletes and the crowds cheer them on. Then the cycling bug bit me! I can’t stop now! I had to watch the final 10 riders! I called the boss and told him to put me “off the clock” so I could watch these guys! It was all worth it! I taped all the stages and watched them at home with my husband. Like the rest of us….he now wants to get a bike! AND HE’S A DIABETIC! So, seeing the TT1 racing was just icing on the cake. WE WILL be taking vacation time next August to see more of this great race.

Q: “In search of the perfect grand tour” VeloNews. Would you like to see the US Pro Challenge become a grand tour or stay the way it is?

Selected comments:

Steve Swain Americans don’t have a 3 minute attention span, let alone a 3 week span

Marnie White Although I love the idea of a grand tour, I really enjoyed seeing our continental teams this year. Would hate to lose that aspect.

Jonathan Abernathy I would love to see it as a grand tour,, time to eliminate the Vuelta…lol,, maybe include sections in Wyoming, Utah, New mexico..just sayin 😉

David Gardner Is this a real question? One of the greatest places to ride in all the world deserves a Grand Tour.

Sherman Paranandi Grand tour = bad idea. USAPCC will just become the Vuelta of the US, a watered-down grand tour where practically the only elite participants are American. I’m sure the last thing the elite European GC riders want less than a month after the TdF is to fly across the Atlantic for a 3 week race with high altitude. A 9-10 day race staying within Colorado is ideal.

Gregg Scharin ‎1. Where would it fit in the calendar? 2. One successful year in current format and it needs to be changed? 3. Inaugural year was so successful, the demand for next year will be double. Don’t dilute it. 4.Spread it out over 3 weeks and ADD American fans will lose interest and it will go broke in 2 years.

Luke Gregory Just make it STEEPER! Even weekend warriors here ride tougher courses, admittedly at half the pace.

Eric Zilling I don’t know if I can take 3 weeks off….

Mark Stookesberry ‎3 weeks would spread it thin. When I watch tours I only care about mtn stages. Maybe stretch it to 10 days, but only add 1 flat day.

Please share your favorite moments — or favorite comment above — and thoughts about elongating the race.

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