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Bios, Colombian Riders in the 2011 UPCC

August 29, 2011

Colombian Riders Bios by Team, all Colombian riders in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge 2011

By Luis Barbosa (@Luisenciclismo), a writer and photographer for (with some minor English language corrections by Mary Topping)

August, 2011

Team Exergy

Andres Miguel Diaz (25)

Born in Cartago, Valle del Cauca

He won many events in track and road, in Colombia he won the national point’s road in track. In 2005 Andres took 2th place in the Monjuich Trophy in Spain. In this season he had many good overall results in the American calendar.  He is an all-terrain rider.

Carlos Alzate (28)

Born in Tulua, Valle del Cauca

Much expertise in the track, he has a national champion championship in the individual pursuit and the national record in the event. Big sprinter and time trial he has been for 4 years a member of the Colombian National Track Team.

(Luis did not include two Exergy members with some Colombian roots, Freddie Rodriguez and Sebastian Salas. George Hincapie could be added to the list too.)

Gobernacion Indeportes Antioquia

Sergio Luis Henao (23)

Born in Rionegro, Antioquia

The new big talent of Colombian cycling, he won the Tour of Colombia in 2010 at only 22 years-old. In his career he has stood on many podiums, the most important in Europe the World Cup Under 23 in Portugal and the Cinturon de Majorca in Spain. In the last Tour of Utah he won the prologue and the last stage, wore the yellow jersey for three days and finished in 2th place in the overall. For the next two seasons he will ride for Sky ProCycling.

Oscar Sevilla (34)

Born in Ossa de Montiel, Spain

The “baby face” has stood on many podiums in his career, including with the white jersey in the Tour de France in 2001, and at the Vuelta a España. In the last 5 years he rode in America first with Rock Racing team and in the last 3 years with Gobernacion, where he won many Colombian races. He finished fourth overall in the 2011 Tour of Utah. (MT note:  Oscar is Spanish. 2008 and 2009 with Rock Racing.)

Janier Acevedo (25)

Born in Caramanta, Antioquia

A big climber he has the talent like worker to his “capos” but he can take responsibility in a leader’s role in some races. The most important victory in his career is the overall in the Tour of Costa Rica in 2009. In the last Tour of Utah he won the 4th stage, the Salt Lake City circuit.

Alejandro Ramirez (28)

Born in La Ceja, Antioquia

He won the most important Under 23 race in Colombia in 2005, and had a place on the Colombian esPasion Team. In this last year has been a very important worker in all-terrain; his work helped bring many victories to his team leaders.

Rafael Montiel (29)

Born in El Bagre, Antioquia

Riding as coworker in this last year, has shown his real talent and won some stages on the Colombian calendar. His most important victory is a 2th place in Tour of Guatemala and a stage win in the Tour of Colombia in 2006.

Carlos Ospina (26)

Born in Nechi, Antioquia

In 2010 won the time trial national championships. He’s an all-terrain rider, and combined the track with the road events. In the team he functions like a worker in the flat terrain and when has opportunities will go in the breakaways.

Oscar Alvarez (30)

Born in Medellín, Antioquia

In his 13 year career on the bike, he has done the most important work in the team as a “coworker,” a talent giving his better effort to the leaders and show a silent job to the great champion go to the podium. In 2009 he won the Colombian national championship on the road.

Cristian Montoya (22)

Born in San Vicente, Antioquia

The only under 23 on the Colombian Team, he won the Under 23 in the 2009 Tour of Colombia. He is a good climber. In the 2011 Tour of Utah he took the best young jersey in the last stage. He comes to Colorado to learn more.


Giovanni Baez (29)

Born in Santa Rosa de Viterbo, Boyaca

A great climber, in 2008 he won the Tour of Colombia and in 2010 the overall at the Tour of Guatemala.  This year in Spain he won a stage of the Vuelta a la Comunidad de Madrid, and has a good talent for stage races.

Juan Pablo Suarez (26)

Born in Medellin, Antioquia

All –terrain rider, in the last two seasons he won different international events such as taking 2th place in the overall of Tour of Guatemala and the overall of the Vuelta de Norte de Santander. Three weeks ago he won the 2011 Tour of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where his team finished in the top 4 places.

Walter Pedraza (29)

Born in Bogota

Pro since 2006 with the Selleitalia Team, a good all-terrain rider, in 2006 he won the National Championship. In the last 4 seasons he rode for Europeans teams, and won some stages in France and Greece. This year he won the 1th stage of the Tour of Colombia and finished 7th place in the overall.

Stiver Ortiz (31)

Born in Medellin, Antioquia

A coworker in the last two seasons he won the Volta do Santa Catarina in Brazil and the Vuelta a Chiriqui in Panama. In Colombia he placed first overall in the Clasica de Girardot 3 weeks ago.

Rafael Infantino (27)

Born in Dominican Republic

His cycling career stared in Antioquia. He is an all-terrain rider with 4 seasons in Italian amateur teams, and then with pro-teams Amica Chips. In the last 2 seasons he won some stages in local Colombian races.

Carlos “Fredy” Piamonte (29)

Born in Aquitania, Boyaca

A great climber born at altitude 3000 meters above sea level. In his career he has overall win(s) in the Under 23 Category. In 2009 he won the Clasica de Girardot, and in 2010 won the Vuelta a Chiriqui in Panama. He took 7th place in this year’s the Vuelta a RepublicaDominicana.

Eduard Beltrán (21)

Born in Tunja, Boyaca

A climber, in the last season he has grown up in the European races. In 2010 he placed 2th overall at the Baby Giro in Italy, and 3 weeks ago took 3th place overall in the Vuelta a Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

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