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UPCC Stage 6 Podium Predictions

August 28, 2011

Let’s look at the types of finishes Viviani has won thus far in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

  • Stage 4, a 2 mile straight run to the finish, slightly downhill
  • Stage 5, finish about 0.5 miles after a left turn, slightly downhill

And let’s look at the characteristics of the stage 6 finish in Denver. The stage ends with six circuits; each circuit covers about 1.8 miles. The peloton makes a square in the part of the circuit with the finish line. The finish line is 0.1 miles from a right turn. There is about a 90 foot drop in elevation about 400 meters from the line.

The circuit nature of the final miles and finish favors a continental team sprinter who has raced many crits. The list includes:

  • Robert Forster (UnitedHealthcare)
  • Carlos Alzate (Exergy)
  • Frank Pipp (Bissell)

Ken Hanson of Jelly Belly did not start the race.

Jaime Castaneda (EPM) sprinted for second place in stage 5 and sixth in stage 4. I’m not sure if crits are common in Colombia, or how good Viviani is with a turn 0.1 miles from the finish. This one has me a bit more in the dark than the previous stages.

Here is the ProVéloPassion stage 6 podium prediction:

  1. Robert Forster (UNH)
  2. Jaime Castaneda (EPM)
  3. Carlos Alzate (XRG)

The Lookout Mountain portion of today’s stage is going to be insane.

Top of Swan Mountain, UPCC Stage 5

Here are a couple of photos from a friend who watched from Rabbit Ear’s Pass yesterday. Thongs could be all over Lookout — it’s going to be hot, in the 90’s (F). The rocks radiate the heat and there’s little shade. Get out there and have a great time…without knocking over Chris Baldwin.

No-snow skier on Rabbit Ears Pass, UPCC stage 5 (D.J. Molny)

Green thong on Rabbit Ears Pass - expect these on Lookout (D.J. Molny)

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