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Utah’s 10 Lessons for Colorado’s UPCC

August 14, 2011

First, five serious lessons for what kind of racing to expect; then five lessons for fan fun.


  1. Expect lots of action from the two Columbian teams racing in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge (UPCC). On stage 4 in the Tour of Utah (ToU) the Gobernacion de Antioquia-Indeportes Antioquia riders placed three guys in the early break-away and never let the others in the break or peloton rest. Davide Frattini, who rides with Team UnitedHealthcare, tweeted after the stage: “I have a feeling that the Columbians were the only riders happy with how hard today’s stage was.”  Before the start of stage 5 this team wore the leader’s jersey four out of five days; they won the prologue and stage 4. Oscar Sevilla did a very good TT. The USA Pro Cycling Challenge has invited two Columbian teams to double the aggression — Gobernacion and EPM-UNE. Start getting used to names like Henao and Acevedo and Baez.

    Janier Acevedo 300 meters from 2011 Tour of Utah Stage 4 win (Mary Topping)

  2. Expect high GC placement for these well-known Americans: Levi Leipheimer, Tejay Van Garderen, Tom Danielson, Christian Van de Velde.
  3. Look for these younger or less well-known Americans who rode in the ToU, are very fit and should find the breaks, win stages, or also do well in GC; they will contribute super strong rides: Timmy Duggan, Lucas Euser, Danny Pate, Chris Baldwin, Pat McCarty, Chad Beyer, Chris Jones, and Peter Stetina.
  4. Don’t miss the time trail in Vail. Levi took the lead in the ToU in the TT, and many expect the TT to be a decisive factor in Colorado.
  5. Surprises will happen. The altitude and aggression will make it hard for the race leader’s team to control the race.

Fan Fun

  1.  Spectate on the side of the road in a place with few fans. Jump up and down and call out the names of guys in the break or the chasing peloton, following their names with phrases like, “way to go,” “hang in there,” and “feel the love.” Expect several water bottles to drop at your feet (it may help to be female).
  2. Attend at least one start and arrive early enough to wander back and forth between the team buses, keeping your eyes peeled for your favorite riders. When they exit their cars (the Columbians) or buses (the Leopards or Shackmen or Garmin guys), say hi and ask for a photo. Some will hold you in a firm grip.
  3. Hang around after the podium presentations at a finish and ask the podium girls for a photograph with you in-between them. You can raise your arms in a victory salute if you like.
  4. Watch Danny Summerhill of Team Garmin-Cervelo on the last climb of the stages; maybe he will treat us to a wheelie like he did on the last lap of the ToU stage 4.
  5. Locate the feedzones for each stage other than the prologue and the Vail time trail and stand about 1K or so after them in the direction the riders will travel. Collect the musettes riders toss away after they’ve selected what they want from them. You will acquire new fan-sy shoulderbags with team logos and may even find an uneaten pastry that will tempt you to taste it. Go ahead.
  1. Mordechai permalink

    Good post. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to attending the stage to Aspen.

    • @Mordechai: thank you for your comment. I am about to do the Vail TT podium predictions; if you are interested in having your prediction included, comment on the Stage 2 podium predictions piece. Take care.

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